MFL Online Store Exclusive: 10% off Upcycled Sunnies Workshop @ miniTrashlab

U.P. $59.90 Pax for one pair of sunglasses

Join the Upcycled Sunnies Workshop @ miniTrashlab to upcycle retired kayaks, Skyline Luge carts, and other plastic waste in Sentosa into sunglasses. The decentralised upcycling machine by MINIWIZ is able to quickly transform plastic waste into products in a non-toxic and pollution free process.

Experience a hands-on journey of transforming plastic waste into sunglasses, ideal for your island adventure!


Workshop details:

- Location: Beach Station Concourse, opposite Liho

- Redemption Period: 9 May to 31 December 2024

- Duration: approximately 45 minutes

- Design of sunglasses: Frame - Round or Square / Colour - Depends on plastic used
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